My little birds


One day two cute small birds made a nest on our chiku tree. Since that day they woke me up every morning.

One day asusual I I woke up by hearing their sound. I ran to their nest. There were two small eggs. I became very happy to see them. I waited for the eggs to be hatched. The enemies of the birds would try to catch those eggs but the birds didn't allow them to get the eggs.

And on another fine day the birds came and hit on my windows I ran to the nest and I understood that something special has happened. I peeped into it the eggs were hatched. I became very enthusiastic. I called my didi and we danced and play then we had fun it was very heart touching to see the birds collecting food from the shoe flower and feeding it through their beaks. When I tried to touch them the mother bird flew and flapped their wings. and circled the nest and pampered the chicks. Since that night I couldn't sleep well because I was afraid if something would happen to them.

Days ahead of the lane, I woke up by hearing their sound but there was a change in their sound. I went to the nest. my heart broke by seeing that. The ants had crowded over chicks. And the birds were crying. I shouted , my mum reached there and hung a honey cake piece over there on the branch next to the nest. But the ants didn't move. At last my dad came and cut off the nest. but sadly the chicks were dead. The birds cried and flew away. And now they have made a nest on the Mulberry tree.